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    Default help me find a perfume for everday, im rather picky though.

    i'm nearly 20 and think its time to step away from the body sprays

    what im looking for?

    it shouldn't smell like strong florals, such as rose (slight smell is ok), lily of the valley etc or citrusy like D&G light blue, i don't know why but the majority of perfumes smell like this to me, and no no to marc jacobs daisy ergh.

    i would preferably something that smells, clean/fresh (as in not smokey), slightly sweet and then slightly musky and a little sweet towards the end.

    no to anything with a chemical like smell, so no aldehydes please.

    and preferably no idoles, i hate that weird warm smell i get from the jasmine.

    sorry this is long, but ive been searching for ages and havent found the one, as you can guess, i don't like anything strong but then again i don't want it to be bland either, this makes me a very picky person i know but please help me if you can with any suggestions, thanks xx
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    Default Re: help me find a perfume for everday, im rather picky though.

    Hello, IM!
    My recommendation may fit your preferred scent profile. It is clean, fresh, not smokey, slightly sweet and then slightly leathery, and then a little sweet toward the end. It is not entirely without citrus--it has bergamot and a note that is a bit like a lemon drop or lemon sherbet. It is not completely free of floral notes, but they are soft. It might be a bit old for you--probably not a club scent, but the age thing seems as meaningless to me as the gender designation. If it is good enough for Richard Gere, it is great for me and you might like it too. What is it?

    Habit Rouge by Guerlain. There are flankers that are well-regarded, but I have not tried them.

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    Default Re: help me find a perfume for everday, im rather picky though.


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    Default Re: help me find a perfume for everday, im rather picky though.

    Hi and welcome to Basenotes, imsoprettylike. Am I correct in guessing you're female? Also, where are you located? We're all over the world and can give recommendations based on where you live. Some fragrances are more widely available than others.

    The Hermes Jardin series may fit your desires. Clean, slightly sweet/fruity, minimal use of florals. Jardin sur la nil is a bit citrusy on top, but not artificially so.
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    Default Re: help me find a perfume for everday, im rather picky though.

    hi thanks for the welcome and the suggestions so far, keep em coming! yes i'm female and i'm live in the UK. a perfume that is suited to my age and easily assessable would be ideal, i'm not really looking for a sexy scent but more of a pretty one if there is such a scent lol. arrgh ive been going to all the department stores, trying on all the perfumes, but can't seem to find that special one :L

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