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    Default English Leather Black's label says, "Made in China".........?!?

    Okay, the box says: Fragrance made in USA........Packaged in China.

    Then when I read the bottom of the bottle it says: Made in China with Fragrance Oil from USA.

    What gives?

    This is the first fragrance I have read the "Made in China" label, anymore out there?

    Am I overreacting?
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    Default Re: English Leather Black's label says, "Made in China".........?!?

    From the way some of Creed's fragrances fail to spray properly I suppose theirs are bottled in China, too, and recurring rumors of Creed 'copies' sold on the gray market seem to support this idea.

    Adidas sportswear is fabricated in China. Why should their colognes not be? Our leading manufacturers certainly know how to burn their candles on both ends: reducing production costs and keeping sales prices at exactly the level it suits them.
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    Default Re: English Leather Black's label says, "Made in China".........?!?

    This is just another in a long line of examples of corporations selling out all of our jobs to low-wage nations.

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    Default Re: English Leather Black's label says, "Made in China".........?!?

    This is interesting news to me. Clearly most fashion houses have been manufacturing out here for years but I was wondering when / if perfume might crop up. I wonder which aspect of the process they are saving money on by doing this? Maybe the glass manufacturing and bottling can be done here cheaper . . . in which case one can only guess the undiluted mix is shipped out and alcohol added as well. Hopefully more industry savvy insiders can clarify?

    It doesn't surprise me, frankly, as just about everything from Nikes to iPhones are put together out here - before China we saw Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries being used as factories. What does interest me, though, is that what usually happens is that corporations from western countries kickstart an industry by installing factories and specialised machinery and then when they move on to a cheaper labour source (trust me, China ain't gonna stay cheap for more than a decade or so) they leave a skilled local workforce with a manufacturing plant and nothing to do anymore . . . and guess what? Local enterprise begins to flourish and local designers start creating new lines etc.

    I am just waiting for the day when a serious perfume house emerges fron China and this could be a push in that direction. There is a shampoo / conditioner line recently launched here playing on the Chinese Herbal Remedy aspect of scent (a nice change from the floral / clean thing) that is just crying out to be given an EDT rendition . . . I'll be watching for developments and post 'em as I see 'em.

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    Default Re: English Leather Black's label says, "Made in China".........?!?

    More clues: On Andy Tauer's blog he mentioned the difficulty of getting quality ingredients, since the highest-quality ingredients were reserved for the large-quantity buyers in China. (Which surprised me... I thought, China doesn't have any perfume companies. Do they need the good stuff for the knock offs? ) And I had ordered Le Temps D'Une Fete from a US company, but it was back ordered, and on the phone I could swear the SA said "the container hasn't arrived from China yet." Hmmmmm.....
    One problem with China manufacturing is the "quality drift." Meaning they present good samples to get a contract, but then cut costs and quality during production.

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    Default Re: English Leather Black's label says, "Made in China".........?!?

    China is on the bandwagon BIG TIME. They have already planted hundreds of thousands of hectares of vinyards, which in a few years time will be yielding oceans of red wine. I´m sure they are also acknowledging the potential of manufacturing perfumes....big time.
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    Default Re: English Leather Black's label says, "Made in China".........?!?

    Not surprising by any means.

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