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    Default Givaudan Website - New and Interesting

    The perfume giants new site is not only interesting but quite revealing if you dig a little deeper. Download a few PDF's and find out about the motivation and the techniques used to create fragrances and fragrant products. Even a few names of perfumes they have created.

    The menu item "Fragrances" will be of interest to you altough "finances" are not to be missed.

    Very best • have a great summer full of head- and basenotes

    EauxM - LesNez Parfums d'Auteurs

    P.S. Here is an example: A company book (PDF) about "Developing Markets" Its revealing insofar as here you find explanations how culture and other circumstances are the reasons why products in different countries are perfumed in a different manner.
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    Default Re: Givaudan Website - New and Interesting

    The Givaudan site is interesting and they even state the current share price !
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