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    Thumbs up Etro - Vetiver and which other fragrance?

    Hey Basenoters!

    I (male, 22yo) want to add some Etro flavour to my wardrobe, and since Etro advocates combining their scents, I figured, why not get two (Yes, I totally succumbed to their clever marketing)?

    So, the first one - Vetiver - is pretty much set in stone. I need a Vetiver, and Guerlain's offering is a tad to soapy for my taste. Etro's Vetiver is vetiver, and pretty much nothing else.

    The second one is a toss-up between Palais Jamais, Vicolo Fiori and Vintage Via Verri. The last one is particularly intriguing, since I haven't smelled it (I am ordering online and just found a good offer).

    Can someone perhaps give a one-sentence summary of each of the scents?

    What do you think? Which would make the best addition to my wardrobe?

    For the record, my wardrobe so far consists of:
    CK One
    CK Be
    Dior Fahrenheit
    Micallef Red Sea
    Miler et Bertaux L'eau de parfum #2 Spiritus/land
    Divine L'homme de coeur
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    Default Re: Etro - Vetiver and which other fragrance?

    I love their Vetiver. I also recommend Messe de Minuit - if you like incense fragrances. I am not familiar with the other ones you listed.
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