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    Default Fragances "bottled at source"?

    Hey everyone!

    I'm currently in a quest to find a young and fresh fragance for summer (I made a thread about it here). In my search, I came across a store that prides itself in their fragances being "bottled at source" ("envasado en origen" in spanish, our language). They've been using this as a selling point for years, actually.

    I'm not completely sure what they mean by that, does anyone know? Is this an important trait for a fragance? Are perfumes "bottled at source" of better quality or something?

    If you know anything about this, do share! Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Fragances "bottled at source"?

    that's definitely a marketing ploy. I would guess it meant they dilute and bottle the fragrances themselves as opposed to sending the juice to a bottling factory.
    I don't think it matters at all.

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