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    Smile Organza de Givenchy


    How would you describe Organza? (This perfume gets many "thumbs up" on this site.)
    I'm looking for a perfume which reminds of Lou Lou. Is there any similarity between these two?

    As I like quite sweet perfumes, I think they should contain a lot of bergamot/citrus, gardenia, vanilla, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and iris. Have you any suggestions what to try?

    Best wishes from Sweden

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    Default Re: Organza de Givenchy

    My mom wears it. It's nice, not too sweet, a mild-mannered floral oriental. I don't think it's as loud and sweet as Lou Lou, but give it a sniff, you might like it.

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    Default Re: Organza de Givenchy

    Sorry - I don't know LouLou. It received many good reviews, and it is on my list of wanted fragrances.

    I ADORE Organza, and have felt this way about it for many, many years. I have at least two bottles of the original formula carefully stored in their boxes. I prefer the formulation with the darker colored juice.....

    I detect mainly luscious thick white flowers (Tuberose and Ylang Ylang?), some very soft spices, and a woody/vanilla base. Even though it has been around for more than 20 years, I don't get an old fashioned vibe from it at all, but your nose may tell you something different. It is NOT light and fruity, and it is NOT a gourmand/foody vanilla scent.
    Organza's notes are: sap, bergamot, cassis, orange flower, rosewood, gardenia, tuberose, honeysuckle, ylang, ylang, peony, mace and nutmeg on a base of vanilla, amber, cedar, guaiac wood, sandalwood, orris, and musk

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    Organza and Lou Lou are not similar.

    Organza is a soft and silky floral scent. Orange and jasmin are dominant on my skin, perhaps tuberose intensifies the jasmine.

    Very beautiful fragrance, buy it

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    Default Re: Organza de Givenchy

    I agree that Lou Lou and Organza aren't alike, however I would emphasize the woods in Organza as part of the difference. The drydown is all about the wood.

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    I have a horror story about Organza, so be careful of blinding buying it.

    When it was released I sprayed a card gorgeous loved it, never got to spray on my skin. Some while later out shopping with a friend we stopped at the Givenchy counter and I spray Organza into the air she said oh that lovely. OKay I thought and sprayed on me skin. It turned into something very very nasty on me. Even friend said that awful on you.

    I have to say the modern Givenchy's just do not work for me at all. I did wear Givenchy III as a teenager and loved it. The others created in the 80s onward turn very nasty on me.
    Currently wearing: JaÔpur Homme by Boucheron

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