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    Default Ungaro III - How do you wear it?

    After reading all the positive reviews for Ungaro III i went and blind bought a 3.4oz bottle for 15$

    I am not a big fan of the top notes; they do remind me some kind of insect spray as mentioned in one of the reviews.
    The middle and basenotes are nice, and i do like the way they smell.

    My only issue is that i am not sure how to wear it...i cant really figure if its more of a cold weather frag' or a warm weather one. I cannot see myself wearing it as a casual scent.

    I do think i got the new version (the box was black) which i heard wasnt as good. Anyone can confirm this?

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    Default Re: Ungaro III - How do you wear it?

    Yes, that's the new version but it's still a good fragrance. I personally prefer it for warmer weather. I think it would do better with a lighter application. My version is the previous one where the bottle was changed but the box was still the floral/marbelized red one. It has a sandalwood finish that lasts a long time. This one reminds me of the "black" genre of scents and therefore, sometimes with heavy application can come across as cheap. Overall, it's an outstanding value--casual or formal.

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    Default Re: Ungaro III - How do you wear it?

    I'd say it's a cold weather fragrance. Otherwise you can wear it anytime, and anywhere.

    It's not as dark as everyone says, or as bright and happy as some others say. I think it has a nice contrast between light and dark, with some notes that you won't find anywhere else (eg. the combination of coriander, lavender and rose).

    I bought a bottle blind too, and I wear it casually from time to time. I actually don't like wearing fragrance when I wear a suit or dress shirt, so I can't comment on the formality of it.
    Sales thread here

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    Default Re: Ungaro III - How do you wear it?

    To me, it's a quite versatile frag and thus I wear it on many occasions, but though I wear it during warmer weather and with more causal outfits, it still remains to me a colder weather and a more of a formal/evening wear frag

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    Default Re: Ungaro III - How do you wear it?

    I wear it like any other scent I have. No special considerations.

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    Default Re: Ungaro III - How do you wear it?


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    Default Re:Ungaro III - How do you wear it?

    I like it even more in warm weather. The top notes fade more quickly. Three sprays on the neck and I'm set.

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    Default Re: Ungaro III - How do you wear it?

    Do all you guys have the new or older version?
    I did get a chance today to smell what seemed as the old version; It had that red box but the bottle was the same.

    I did smell it and I think it smelled different but I didn't have mine to compare.

    I do get a small sour note in mine...does any one else have that sour note? Its a very subtle note

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