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    Default Hot weather and how to store perfumes?

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been away from the boards for a while, so I apologize if this is not the proper place to post this question. Basically I'm hoping for some advice on storing my perfume collection. I live in Northern California and most of the time the weather isn't too hot and I've stored my perfumes in a closet away from light and extreme heat. Problem is that as the summer approaches it gets hotter and we are without air conditioning. As such, I find myself moving what is now several boxes of perfumes all around my house trying to find a cool spot for them. I guess what I'm asking is it worth investing in a small refrigerator at this point? Any recommendations as to a reliable and inexpensive model?

    My related question to that is, if the perfumes have been in a hotter area of the house for even a short time (weeks perhaps), have they now become damaged enough that refrigerating them wouldn't extend their life span? I would estimate that on really hot days it might have gotten as hot as 85 degrees, but normally I would guess the temperature was more like 70. Anyway, I'm just concerned what effect that burst in heat would have had on them. Would refrigerating them at this point help at all? (Obviously any new fragrances I buy would be a different story).

    Thanks so much everyone for your help - I really appreciate it!


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    Default Re: Hot weather and how to store perfumes?

    I would suggest getting a wine cooler or small refrigerator. Ideal storage for most fragrances is 10C. or 53F. Citrus fragrances store better at 8C. Considering most of our investments in fragrance it is a small cost indeed to get one, usually $110 or less. Set up the refrigerator to a fairly constant temperature as outlined above before storing the fragrances therein. This works well for me since it gets quite hot here in summer. As for your question about short term storage where there has been higher temperature, I am not an expert, but, if the fragrances still smell true then storing at the correct temperatures should keep worry away. Good luck and best regards.
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    Default Re: Hot weather and how to store perfumes?

    A compact refrigerator is just the thing. They are not that expensive. We got a Kenmore last year, but of course models change every year. Go to and see if there is a model that would suit your collection.

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