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    Default Creating Website

    I am new to the industry and believe I read a post about the best hosts for creating websites. Can someone please provide this information. Thank you,

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    Hi Ayo. Basenotes is far from the best place to be asking questions about web-hosting. I recommend visiting another forum where web technology is it's focus. Web Hosting Talk is a community full of very knowledgeable folk that will be able to provide recommendations for your needs. Good luck!
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    Hi DocmanCC,

    Thank you so much for your responding. I must have confused this site with another when I was doing my research. I am honestly so overwhelmed with the amount of information available on fragrances. I have spent a couple of hours today just reading the different forums and blogs on this site alone. Ah, so much to learn. Again, just wanted to say thank you. Have a beautiful night.

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