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    Default Vermeil Pour Homme

    I tried this the other day and was very pleasantly surprised. So much so I am going to get a bottle.

    It starts off with a fairly generic woody opening akin to the opening salvos from Cartier Santos. What emerges however is a fantastic tobacco drydown. Some have noted that it smells like Michael Korrs for men, but, whilst I agree it shares some similarities, I think the Korrs is far sweeter.

    What you are left with is an elegant formal evening fragrance which I, for one, like very much indeed.

    I have seen a Vermeil White too in various searches - anybody know anything about it? It's not noted in the BN Directory.

    Your thoughts on both would be welcome.
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    Default Re: Vermeil Pour Homme

    I just couldn't take the opening, which lasted too long. The animalics and citrus I could handle, but not the sweetness. I guess I got olfactory fatigue from that, because I didn't get much of a drydown. In any case, I do enjoy Michael for Men, so I don't mind sticking with that one.

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    Default Re: Vermeil Pour Homme

    Bought this when it came out many years ago and I still am not tired of it.

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