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    Default Unifinished Fragrances

    Do you ever like a fragrance, but it's just missing something? Whether it having no projection and sticking too close to the skin, or it having what seems like no base notes, or maybe no middle notes.

    Somethings I encounter a fragrance that has potential to be great, but it's lacking something.

    Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge - Awesome opening, great middle, but where's the base? What happened!!?
    Nautica - The original Nautica, soapy, slightly lemony smell with an oceanic feel. Known for its longevity issues, but that's not what bothers me; what bothers me is that this too is missing not just a base, but a middle as well. Not to be confused with linear, linear is fine. IMO linear is more when the top, middle and base notes all come out together upon initial sprays and then dry down as a weaker version. Nautica isn't linear, it's unfinished, you get the top notes and nothing else, gone in an hour (and that's on a good day). It's a nice soapy/fresh fragrance that's often very cheap.. I'd wear it more if it had little more depth to it.

    Add yours
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    Default Re: Unifinished Fragrances

    John Varvatos Artisan. Not even Artisan Black "finished" it for me. I know it's not too popular around here, but on me it takes on a different smell and it just smells like Summer on me.

    But the longevity is sorely lacking. For once, I would love for the top notes, which are bright, fresh and somewhat soapy to segue into a clean musk and stay that way... but that's the problem. It goes from top notes to basenotes to gone in less than 2 hours on skin. If I wear it on a shirt, it lasts, but it's not the same smell as my own skin - my body chemistry plays wonders on citrus, usually burns through them and twists them into something totally different. But Artisan stays true to citrus on me... just for moments.

    I would have loved to have seen those top notes on top of the typical Creed MI/GIT/SMW ambergris, musk dry down.

    I consider Artisan wholly unfinished. And Artisan Black... as unfinished as the original, but they did sneak in a midnote that persists.
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    Default Re: Unifinished Fragrances

    By Kilian Straight to Heaven , I love the stuff but it feels incomplete

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    Default Re: Unifinished Fragrances

    Les Nereides Imperial Opoponax would be mine. It's like it's nothing but basenotes. Wonderful, dreamy basenotes - but nothing more.

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    Default Re: Unifinished Fragrances

    Serge Lutens Borneo 1834 - smells great, but needs more than just chocolate and patchouli to be "complete". I'd welcome some spiced stop notes, or even some subtle musk or woods in the base.

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    Default Re: Unifinished Fragrances

    For me it would be Prada Amber pour Homme.

    Great opening, but that's it. On me, there is no middle or basenotes.

    The opening is all I get for 6 hours. No progression or development at all. I still like it, but it is definitely missing something.

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