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    Arrow Vintage Cristalle,,,or not!!

    I purchased a new old bottle of Cristalle, Chanel. The perfume store that I purchased it from says it's about 10+ years old, at least. Does anyone know if this would have the oakmoss intact?? Or is the reformulated batch?? I am terrible with bottle styles TIA Oh,,it's EdT,,,not EdP
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    Firstly, congratulations.

    2. The edt is the one you want; the edp is another fragrance altogether and not as nice ...IMO.
    3. If it's older than three it is likely the right stuff. Your ten-year-old bottle of edt -- assuming it's legit -- is an oakmoss-rich beauty. But you can always ask someone for a sample, if you are concerned.

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    Default Re: Vintage Cristalle,,,or not!!

    I have the reformulated Cristalle and I have been told that the older formulation was a darker yellow juice compared to the new which is a light yellow but, I have not been able to verify it.

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    To qualify for a "vintage" -- in perfumery -- the bottle with the fragrance inside has to have been manufactured before 1985, it is 25 years, I think.

    Does your Cristalle EdT come in a box? Is there a list of ingredients on the back?

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    Default Re: Vintage Cristalle,,,or not!!

    Thanks all for your comments. I don't have it in hand yet. Is there a particular ingredient that denotes Oak Moss?
    Yeah,,,10 years for a perfume is infancy

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    Default Re: Vintage Cristalle,,,or not!!

    Be on the lookout for Evernia prunastri. You can Google it too, if you are inclined so.

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    I have a Cristalle from 9 years ago. The juice is a darkish yellow. (I haven't seen the new one, so I can't compare.) The box only lists Alcohol*Aqua*Parfum as the ingredients. I don't think the allergen lists started until a few years later.
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