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    Smile Oh Happy Day - Samples in my Mailbox!

    It's a good day when the samples I bought from The Perfumed Court show up! I'll list what I got, and please, oh-wise-BN-posters-with-more-experienced-smellers-than-me - let me know what you think of the samples I've gotten. I've read reviews on most of these, and I'll make up my own mind, of course, but it's fun to see what you think of them.

    The Dior Poison 5-pack: (thanks to Mr. Sugandaraja and Ms. Sophi for the suggestions)
    Pure Poison
    Tendre Poison
    Hypnotic Poison
    Midnight Poison

    Rochas Tocade

    Les Parfums de Rosine:
    Rose d'Ete
    Un Zeste de Rose
    Rose Kashmirie
    Rose Praline (I have no idea about this one, but I couldn't resist the name, even though I usually
    don't do gourmands well)

    Saturday, my sample of L de Lola Lempicka arrived - a recommendation by Sophi. It's a very sweet vanilla on me - I'm not sure that I'll like this one, but I'll give it another try or two.

    Still to arrive:
    Balmain Ivoire
    Annick Goutal Songes

    so - whatcha think?
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    Default Re: Oh Happy Day - Samples in my Mailbox!

    Nice haul! Most of those would be new to me too so I look forward to hearing what the more experienced have to say.

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    Default Re: Oh Happy Day - Samples in my Mailbox!

    I wear Ivoire by Balmain as one of my normal perfumes for when I want to feel sophisticated and beautiful without being flamboyant. A scent for being taken seriously, but a gorgeous scent. Quite one of my all time favourites. Not a young scent though I wouldn't have thought and it is quite strong, so gentle amounts are better. I'm not a poison fan. It smells just that on me. Don't know the rest.

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    Default Re: Oh Happy Day - Samples in my Mailbox!

    My favorite of the Dior is Hypnotic Poison.....My Wife could never wear this.....something didn't work with Her skin.....I have never worn this but I have always enjoyed this on my trips to the fragrance counter.....Wow!!! What a haul!!! I will be watching to see Your reaction to all of these Great scents.

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    Default Re: Oh Happy Day - Samples in my Mailbox!

    I would agree with Sophi that L by Lolita Lempicka is a very nice fragrance but then I like gourmands. Can't say anything about the Poisons but, I see you have many rose scents. I would suggest that you try Nahema by Guerlain. It has no rose absolut in the formula but, to me, smells more of a rose scent than many others and is very good quality. Good luck with your testing.

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    Default Re: Oh Happy Day - Samples in my Mailbox!


    The few samples I have are Poison, Hypnotic Poison, and Midnight Poison (unless I've forgotten one) that our Le Grand Duc graciously sent me... The Poison I have a hard time with, but Hypnotic and Midnight Poison are more palatable... so of course which one do i have a small FB of? Of course, Poison. Sigh. (EDIT: I just realized how damning that paragraph sounded... what I mean is: I don't like Poison on my skin, hard as I try to love it... the Hypnotic Poison and Midnight Poison are indeed more palatable, in fact the MP is REALLY nice and the Hypnotic Poison is a little too sweet on my skin but very nice for certain occasions.)

    I've never tried the others... (but am sure I someday will! I may even have a sample or two of some of the others on that list and not "realize" it.)
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    Default Re: Oh Happy Day - Samples in my Mailbox!

    Hypnotic Poison- to die for...............
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    Default Re: Oh Happy Day - Samples in my Mailbox!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of sampling, coopmom. It's one of the joys of the perfume hobby!

    I would suggest sampling one a day, or two a day: one in the morning and one in the evening to get the full effect. Also try scents at different times of the day and in varying humidity.

    Savor and enjoy!
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    Default Re: Oh Happy Day - Samples in my Mailbox!

    Anything for you, Luna.

    The Poisons rock, Coopmom - enjoy!

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    Default Re: Oh Happy Day - Samples in my Mailbox!

    I agree with Mumsy, Ivoire is elegant and beautiful - and I love Rose Praline too. I am not a Poison fan either, let us know which you like best!
    Tocade is nice too but every bottle smells a bit different to me - may be my nose, may be turned!


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    Default Re: Oh Happy Day - Samples in my Mailbox!

    You're reminding me about where I was about five years (and umpteen-hundred-ordered samples) ago. I remember a generally positive impression of two of the Poison incarnations I tried. The Rosines drive me crazy. I feel their quality, but can't find one that's just for me. Yet, with every new release they make, I'm ready to press my face to their virtual shop window again. The one I'm waiting to sample next is a male-targeted concoction: Rosissimo (lemon, grapefruit, bitter orange, rosemary, verbena, jasmine, freesia, rose, precious woods, leather, cistus oil, fir Balsam, vetiver and tree moss).

    Enjoy your journey, Coopmom.
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    Default Re: Oh Happy Day - Samples in my Mailbox!

    I too am wondering if you've found any favorites. UPdate please!!!!
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