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    Default Scents with history

    Sometimes I look at some straightshaving forums where I found some great info about some classics like Taylor of old Bondstreet,Trumpers,Dr.Harris and some more,at least for me,unknown classics.I bought a bottle(splash) of the Taylor Sandalwood cologne and I can tell you it smells great! Its great to try those oldies and thats exactly what I'm gonna do coming months!Last week I smelled Panama 1924;this is an excellent Italien classic EDT from high class.More Basenoters with tips about still available beauty's from the past?

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    Habanita by Molinard
    1921 originally created to flavour cigarettes (small sachets in cigarette boxes) and three or four years later launched as a perfume for women.
    Its a breathtaking fragrance, absolute natural smelling, fantastic development, great longevity as EDT.
    Can also be worn by men and is not expensive, just fetch a sample!

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