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    Cool Do colognes or perfumes with more natural oil's have a short shelf life?

    Hello,everyone on this forum including women do Colognes or perfumes that have more natural oil's in them and not very synthetic like most cologne's and perfumes have a shorter shelf life. I know in general even though they slap a 36 month shelf life on most cologne's sold in department stores in reality they can last decades before they go bad. It usually is just marketing. If they put a certain shelf life on a perfume or cologne they make more money because if someone doesn't use it up in that time they throw it away and buy a new bottle. I was just wondering if the more natural cologne's and perfume's that the natural oil's in them like the more expensive ones like prada or creed lines if they would have a short shelf life or would they be no different than the synthetic ones. Please message me as soon as you can. I really would appreciate it.
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    Default Re: Do colognes or perfumes with more natural oil's have a short shelf life?

    It differs from oil to oil. The general perception is that synthetic oils tend to have a longer shelf life than their natural counterparts. That said, Sean Jean's Unforgivable, which I'd say is almost all synthetic, has a horrible shelf life (loses notes & diminishing longevity), while many of the older style perfumes stay unchanged for decades.

    Environmental factors also play a large part in shelf life; a tester out of its box, in a shop window or under bright lights will not keep as well as a bottle in a box in a cool, dry environment. Sort of like wine.
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    Default Re: Do colognes or perfumes with more natural oil's have a short shelf life?

    It's really hard to say anything with certainty on this question, Jernizzle, especially for we lay people here. However, as Anthony phrases it so well, there's the matter of "general perception," and that can be right or wrong, and most likely wrong the more general it becomes. So no one here can really say for certain, and I suspect an expert in the material would say things like "yes and no" and go into a series of qualified statements.

    So we just work with our experiences of scents here, and we all have roughly different and roughly similar experiences. From that we conjecture about what might be true to make our experiences what they are.

    So I'm always dubious when members declare with certainly one way or the other about how "synthetic" some scent is, what proportions are "natural," and what that means for longevity and shelf life.
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    Default Re: Do colognes or perfumes with more natural oil's have a short shelf life?

    I've had vintage stuff that was more natural than not last for up to 12 or 13 years, at which point I finished it up - still smelt fine on those last few drops, so no doubt it would have lasted longer still.

    I have to say I've never had a frag go on me naturally, whether it was made from mostly synthetic or mostly natural oils.

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    Default Re: Do colognes or perfumes with more natural oil's have a short shelf life?

    Hello,I really appreciate you answering my question relating to this thread,which is if colognes with natural oil's expire real quickly or not,which you have told me do not even though they may put a 36 month expiration date on the bottle. I really appreciate it.

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