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    Default Terrible Projection....

    I have no idea why,but my skin absolutely eats fragrances. No matter what scent I wear, from the heavy to the light, I always, ALWAYS have terrible projection/sillage. My skin is not dry at all, it is naturally well moisturized. And even if I were to put lotion or jojoba oil on me before applying a does nothing for the projection and longevity. I've worn fragrance for about a year now, and I can count on 1 hand the number of compliments I have gotten. And these are no cheap fragrance in any respect...stuff like Versace The Dreamer, Dior Farenheit, Musc Ravageur, Burberry London, etc. And Im afraid to put more fragrance on, as I usually only go no more than 4 sprays. I fell if I put any more than 4 sprays I can become "that guy". Is it just me then, I mean is my nose just super adaptive to a scent that I think its no longer there? But at the same time, I rarely get compliments, so Im guessing there is a problem with projection. Does anyone else experience this??

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    Default Re: Terrible Projection....

    Maybe you have a problem with projection/longevity. Maybe you have a problem with under application? I know most people on BN don't recommend that many squirts, but if it's wearing off maybe you should try more.

    Probably, your nose is getting used to the fragrance. Try asking a friend if they can smell your fragrance after a few hours. You can't base your longevity/projection issues on compliments from people. A lot of people just wouldn't feel comfortable giving compliments to anyone, even if you did smell amazing (and ultra strong). Just ask someone close what they think...
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    Default Re: Terrible Projection....

    1. Moisturize your skin, if it is dry. Dry skin "eats" scents e.g. shortens the longevity. Many unscented moisturizers are available.
    2. Follow boosh's advice of asking trustable, close others if they can smell what you're wearing.
    3. Find your own level of application which may be more than 4 sprays. (use 2. for a reference)
    4. Layer product: Use moisturizers/shower gels of the same scent and then apply the scent over that.
    5. Realize that in the US (from my experience) unless you ask or are "offensive" folks usually won't say a thing.

    With scent, your mileage may vary and you need to find your own level.
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    Default Re: Terrible Projection....

    Quote Originally Posted by a_delicious_crispy_smell View Post
    Is it just me then, I mean is my nose just super adaptive to a scent that I think its no longer there? But at the same time, I rarely get compliments, so Im guessing there is a problem with projection. Does anyone else experience this??
    Compliments are actually quite rare. I think there's more scent there than you think. Like Boosh said, ask close friends you trust.

    Also I have recently discovered my nose will not pick up on many scents until I "learn" to smell them. I wore L'Instant Pour Homme three times before I could ever tell I had it on. But I actually did get some compiments on it when I couldn't smell it at all.

    Same with Santal Noble which is pretty potent scent. I couldn't smell much out of Musc Ravageur either.

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    Default Re: Terrible Projection....

    I agree with Stylin--it took me a while to 'find the signal' of the Dreamer, for example. Also, there is an opinion that the ones you don't smell so much are the best for you, although that certainly takes a lot of the fun out of wearing frags...

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    Default Re: Terrible Projection....

    i finally just realized i dont care about over spraying. im spending money on fragrances and i want to be able to smell them. Le Male dies on my skin after 5 hours. FIVE. LE MALE. i did 4 sprays instead of 2 today...10 hours later it was there

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    Default Re: Terrible Projection....

    MR dries down to an ambery frag that is at least reasonably strong, so my guess is that you have olfactory fatigue or are getting focused on the top notes. Frags that have strong amber in the base last a long time, no matter what the skin chemistry, in my experience.

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