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    Default Fragrance...Cologne....or Perfume....

    This is a huge pet peeve of mine, but I hate it when people call any mens fragrance "cologne" and any womans fragrance "perfume". By any, I mean whether the fragrance is a EDT or a EDP or a EDC (eau de cologne), people just arbitrarily label mens fragrance as cologne, regardless if in reality its a EDT, and label womens fragrance as perfume, also if its in reality a EDT. To me, this is downputting, especially for the men...but for the women, it just glorifies their fragrance. When people think cologne, they think of an scent that reeks of alcohol and synthetic what-nots. But when people think of perfume they think elegance and luxury. There is something wrong with this. How can too of the same EXACT things have to different impression on people. Most women wear EDT and most men wear EDT, as they are more practical to wear than EDP. Yet, we call all mens fragrance cologne and womens fragrance perfume.So I think it is best if we just call any fragrance that, just "fragrance", no of that cologne or perfume nonsense. Unless a man is wear a true eau de cologne, dont call it cologne. And dont call a women's fragrance perfume unless its truly a eau de parfum or pure perfume. Whats your guys thought on this?

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    Default Re: Fragrance...Cologne....or Perfume....

    Welcome to Basenotes! I think you are in exactly in the the right place! I find that most members here don't actually "call any mens fragrance "cologne" and any womans fragrance "perfume"". Some members get sooooo detailed and obsessed about whether their juice is EDC, EDT, EDP, extrait, vintage or re-formulated and the various attributes/characteristics of the aforementioned categories that their passion is addicting. And so, we have a community where a lot of folks are going t o agree with you 100%. The rest of the world- not so much.

    Love your user name, BTW

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    Default Re: Fragrance...Cologne....or Perfume....

    I do not have a strong opinion on the subject. Somehow I've learned and managed to use them all, more or less accurately. It was confusing for me in the beginning and I did have to find out why it was like this, and I do remember reading that cologne has originally been the accurate term for mens' fragrances...

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    Default Re: Fragrance...Cologne....or Perfume....

    Welcome to Basenotes.....I have a strong opinion of this myself.....I always prefer an Edt or an EdP.....I will always purchase the EdP if there is that choice.....It really bothers me when Men refer to Men's fragrance as perfume.....It does not bother me as much if they refer to my fragrance as cologne.....There are very few true Men's perfumes.....Most are an EdT.....There are those that are EdP versions but not to many.....I know that the average consumer does not have the passion that we have for fragrance.....So I try to keep my opinion to myself.....Great Thread!!! And again.....Welcome to Basenotes.

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    Default Re: Fragrance...Cologne....or Perfume....

    True enough, the uninitiated don't know the difference and probably don't care~ but we as perfumistas know the variants of favorite scents intimately!


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    Default Re: Fragrance...Cologne....or Perfume....

    Welcome to Basenotes - a crispy delicious smell. I don't care much for the use of the word 'cologne' unless it really is a cologne. That sort of irritates me when it's used incorrectly. Poor men always have their scents called colognes.
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    Default Re: Fragrance...Cologne....or Perfume....

    It would only bother me if I were making a purchase and wanted to know precisely what I was getting. But in general, people call the same thing by many different names, depending on cultural, geographical, and other factors. A rose by any other name... I don't get worked up about it.

    Welcome, a crispy delicious smell!

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