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    Default Torn Between Love and Hate

    Received a sample of Explorer from Boadicea the Victorious yesterday. I ordered it on the basis of its notes/description, rather than on reviews here (negative). It's a dirty resinous citrus drying down to cedar with resinous citric (as opposed to citrus) qualities. It is very dry and stark. Its as I imagine a full bodied JC Ellena creation would be like, quite bare in some aspects. I really do like the resinous, grim almost industrial aspect.

    I love it (I think)but............................I think I prefer it as a general fragrance plus it gives me a sore throat. I do not think others nearby will appreciate the qualities of this stuff.

    I'm so tempted to buy a full bottle and almost certainly will, but cannot imagine me wearing it in company.

    Are there any scents that have a similar effect on other people?
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    Boudicea sent me a few samples a couple of months ago and I Explorer was one of them. It certainly is different, not what I had in mind from reading the notes and I know what you mean about the sore throat. I ended up buying a bottle of Energizer.

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    Default Re: Torn Between Love and Hate

    Sounds like you should forget about it and grab a bottle of Messe de Minuit instead !

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