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    Exclamation Habit Rouge Beau Cavalier.

    I received my second bottle of Beau Cavalier today for fear that availability will soon disappear. It is a special edition and since the edp is not available in the U.S. normally and, since it is so much richer and smooth over the edt I splurged. So, no that I have confessed, I feel much better and I shall put the bottle in the fridge. I find myself incapable of resisting the sirens of Guerlain.

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    Default Re: Habit Rouge Beau Cavalier.

    LOL. I already bought my backup for same reason.

    When I picked it up, there were three bottles left in Saks Beverly Hills.

    Same three might be there in a year. Or they could be gone next week.

    What a hobby!
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    Default Re: Habit Rouge Beau Cavalier.

    Aaaaah. Beau Cavalier. That beauty disappeared here within a couple months of release. I'm glad I snagged a bottle when I did. Although HR edp is still sold in a couple of stores, it's beginning to disappear here. So I, too, bought a back-up bottle...
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    Default Re: Habit Rouge Beau Cavalier.

    I bought mine from the Palazzo boutique in Las Vegas (by phone - Jorganne is a great SA and store manager!). It is probably my least favorite HR concentration (not counting "sport", which isn't worthy of the HR name, IMHO). But it is a luscious blend. I have trouble wearing it in the summer heat - the aoud is a bit aromatic when it gets humid.

    And the bottle is gorgeous!


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    Default Re: Habit Rouge Beau Cavalier.

    As soon as the first sign of cooling down happens this Fall, I'm snagging a bottle. In the meantime, there is no way I could comfortably wear this in the Summer heat here. So for now I'm content with the vintage Eau de Cologne, deodorant and shower gel.

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