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    Default Frustrations - correcting mistakes on Basenotes

    Hi guys,

    Sorry to post this here but I can't seem to find the correct category, and every time I use the "contact us" feature on Basenotes it gives me an error.

    I've got some updates to the facts on certain fragrances, but I can't seem to figure out how to submit new information. That function appears to not be working at all. Also, in one case I think a fragrance needs to be split into two (for Guerlain's Champs-Elysées, as the 1904 is not at all the same fragrance as the 1996 which was never marketed as being a re-issue.) Again I don't know how to accomplish this. For me, a lot of Basenotes' functionality is in all the great factual information, so not being able to submit facts and corrections is rather frustrating.

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    Default Re: Frustrations - correcting mistakes on Basenotes

    I submitted a couple of errors/suggestions on the Missing Fragrances List. It's the place for letting Grant know what needs to be added to the Directory, so it seemed to make sense that it'd also be a good place for posting corrections. He'll get around to them when he has the time.
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