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    Question Amouage HOMAGE vs Amouage MOLOOK - comparisons anyone?

    After having exposed to Amouage Tribute attar, it's just futile to resist the temptation of not trying out their other mukhallats, chiefly Homage and Molook.

    I have tried Homage just once before and speaking from my memory I was not too impressed with it's longevity. However it could have been due to the fact that the sample I had was just miniscule and I perhaps didn't have enough to judge. Now when I am almost ready to take the plunge, I heard that their MOLOOK was also a damn nice mukhallat.

    Homage is obviously more popular (perhaps due to it's easy availability).

    I was wondering if anyone has tried both Homage & Molook and if they could give us some more insight into how similar these two really are.

    They both seem to share quite a few notes and am not sure if they smell alike, as a result.

    MOLOOK (from Zahra)
    Top Notes, Taifi Rose
    Heart Notes , Ambergris, Cambodian Oudh oil
    Base Notes, Indian Oudh oil Sandal oil

    HOMAGE (from Zahra)
    Rose Taifi,Silver Frankincense, Tayyiba, a beautiful blend of Jasmine and Sweet Amber, Silver Oud
    and Al Andalus, a subtle blend of Citrus and Sandalwood.

    If anyone wants to take this to the next level and include King Fayed Blend in the comparison, I certainly wouldn't mind that


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    Default Re: Amouage HOMAGE vs Amouage MOLOOK - comparisons anyone?

    Oh, Gupts! You are making me need to try the Molook!

    I only know the Homage and the Tribute, but I cannot recommend the Homage enough, and there is no redundancy with the Tribute.. In fact I now own both. Where the Tribute becomes smokey ,the Homage becomes soapy in the heart and dries down more traditional-perfumey than the Tribute.
    If you know the Silver Cologne and the Jubilation, it resembles both quite a bit.

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