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    Default Can I layer Oud with Vetiver?

    Hi folks, I'm pretty new to the cologne world (at age 36) but am really starting to enjoy this!

    I've got a handful of colognes here after hunting high and low for things that suit me. One thing I've learned is that both floral and citrus smells don't really work for me at all.
    I purchased Creed Original Vetiver and quite like it, but my wife finds it a touch "high and dry", she doesn't find any grounding to it; she says she wants the equivalent of a good bass line to be added to it.
    I think purchased a Bulgari Pour Homme which is also nice, but for some reason on my skin it disappears after about 20 minutes. Maybe less. It seriously just completely disappears.
    So then I found Tom Ford's Oud Wood and I really truly love this one (as does my wife) but I find it might be just a *touch* lacking in a high note - it's very sweet and woodsy and earthy, but no crispness or sharp edge at all.

    So... my question:

    Do you think using the Oud Wood as a base with the Creed Original Vetiver on top would be a decent layered mix or would that just end up stinking like too many radically different smells?

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    Default Re: Can I layer Oud with Vetiver?

    Well, give it a try! It can't hurt.
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    Default Re: Can I layer Oud with Vetiver?

    Hmmm. I like your wife's comment about a scent needing a bass line to it. Not that I always agree, but it's a nifty way to make a comparison.

    About the layering mix, I think you'll know better if you try it yourself and see how it goes. What can a day smelling of the two hurt? The sun will probably rise the next morning and all that. Such an experiment will work better for you than 25 reply posts arguing yes or no too. Experience will educate more than reading replies here, is what I mean to say.

    I also find your wife's comment a bit odd in relation to OV. OV is clearly intended to be straight up clean smelling, and similar to the result of good soap. That's not a smell with the intention of a lot of deep bass, say, but what the hell, the wife says what she wants and if you want some lovin' you better put a shot of oud into the mix and call her pretty baby.

    Can't hurt to try it out. You own it now so there's nothing wrong with mixing it with other sprays. It's no longer the property of the perfumer. You're the master of how you'll smell.
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    Default Re: Can I layer Oud with Vetiver?

    You could always spring for By Killian's Cruel Intentions. Vetiver and Oud are two of the prominent notes in it, and done quite nicely. Or, check out YSL's M7, from Tom Ford era which was one of the first mainstream scents to use Oud (agarwood) as it has vetiver in it as well and is a close cousin to Cruel Intentions.
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    Default Re: Can I layer Oud with Vetiver?

    Agar Musk by Ramone Monegal is an amazing Oud and Vetiver emulsion. So, yes, Oud and vetiver together is not only okay, it's very VERY encouraged! IMO

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    Default Re: Can I layer Oud with Vetiver?

    I guess anything could be layered if one feels so inclined to do so. Personally don't do it though.

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    Default Re: Can I layer Oud with Vetiver?

    i am not a big fan of layering - a perfumer creates something so artful which takes a lot of time that goes into the final mix, then we remix it! and screw it up? - but then again why not? we pay for it and can do whatever the hell we want right? - as long as it works for you i guess, but it doesnt work for me - just try it though; and see where it goes - it probably wont hurt for you to take some time and test more fragrances, something is surely out there that has bassline and treble you are looking for! good luck!

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