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    Default Escada Pour Homme - Underrated?

    Yesterday i picked up a 1.4oz bottle of Escada pour homme at marshalls after seeing the excellent reviews on basenotes (not a single bad 43 pos, 7 net, 0 neg)

    I remembered smelling it a while ago and i was able to sort-of recall the scent but i didnt remember how good it actually was.

    It starts pretty bad on me, but thats how my skin is with most citrus/lemon scents.
    After couple of seconds the sourness starts but after 15min~ it settles down into a nice cognac aroma.
    My dad used to drink cognac with honey green tea, and it smells very similar.

    I find it as a great night scent for cooler days.
    Its not too sweet, but it has a hint of some sweetness. The scent itself is very warm and i find it pretty romantic. Its boozy but not enough to be a loud drunk guy.
    It smells slightly perfumy, and has a hint of powder to it. The vanilla is present, and has a creamy feel and smells somewhat closer to maple.
    Its not heavy but it lasts pretty long and projects pretty good (3-4 sprays would do)

    I was reading one review where someone said its "dated"
    It doesn't smell like anything out today, but is it really a bad thing? it makes the scent unique.
    My girl didnt get a chance to smell it yet, but other girls i asked (including mom and sister lol) approved it. I cant really see someone disliking it

    Anyone is a fan?
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    Default Re: Escada Pour Homme - Underrated?

    I wore Avon's Starring for Men yesterday, and I was thinking "this is Escada PH done right." I don't know what it is, because it's not a bad frag, but the notes just don't work together coherently for me. The quality seems to be there, at least for a designer frag, but it seems like "hard" and "soft" notes are fighting it out for dominance here. I prefer it when the notes seem to harmonize, especially when those notes are "contrasting," but for me that does not happen in this frag.

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    Default Re: Escada Pour Homme - Underrated?

    I saw the reviews, and i didn't see any negative review for it. I will try it soon.

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    Default Re: Escada Pour Homme - Underrated?

    Good fragrance. Underrated? No IMO.

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    Default Re: Escada Pour Homme - Underrated?

    Hm, one neutral review should be mine, but I was leaning towards negative, because I think Escada PH is vastly overrated here at Basenotes. The whole construction, smelled up close, smells cheap and hollow to me. However, given the price, the perfumer(s) did a good job.

    If you want a light, airy version of Escada PH, try Tom Ford for Men. If you want the gourmand version, try L'Instant de Guerlain PH.
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    Default Re: Escada Pour Homme - Underrated?

    Escada PH is an outstanding frag, and is very much underrated. I think it's because its current "bargain bin" reputation. I don't give a damn - it smells better than most of the designer and niche frags that I've smelled in the past 15 years.

    I consider it an excellent light floral oriental. I actually wear it in the summer, not cold weather for me. Love it.

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    Default Re: Escada Pour Homme - Underrated?

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Good fragrance. Underrated? No IMO.
    Agreed. A rather good scent that is fortunately cheap to buy. It never once occurred to me this is underrated.

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    Default Re: Escada Pour Homme - Underrated?

    From the reviews here, EpH is not underrated. Generally unappreciated? Most likely. A wonderful frag, IMO.
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    Default Re: Escada Pour Homme - Underrated?

    The reviews are bang on. I actually got it today. I think it has a wonderful old-school vibe with a modern twist that makes it a viable proposition for virtually anyone.
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    Default Re: Escada Pour Homme - Underrated?

    IT is amazing!!! i tried this last week. and hell yea it is underrated.

    The lime, cognac, mandarin....

    I could taste it in my mouth.

    Simply decadent.
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    Default Re: Escada Pour Homme - Underrated?

    It's boozy heaven.
    Rare, vintage, and niche off-site sales.
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    Default Re: Escada Pour Homme - Underrated?

    dayum, im really wanting to try this one

    i hope it is
    really Boozy and classy, long lasting and well projected

    i dope it isnt
    perfumey, too synthetic, urinal

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    Default Re: Escada Pour Homme - Underrated?

    I love Escada PH. It is boozy and classy and a lovely night time, romantic fragrance IMO. Cognac and vanilla well blended.
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