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    Default Las Vegas or bust!

    Ok, so I'm heading for a trip to Vegas in the next few weeks and was wondering: If you were taking 2-4 fragrances with you to Sin City to serve all purposes, what would they be?

    A couple scenerios I plan on dealing with (and would love scent recomendations for):

    1) walking around Las Vegas Blvs in the insanely hot desert heat during the day
    2) playing poker and blackjack with confidence
    3) hitting the pool scene by my hotel to get some rays and check out the "scenery"
    4) heading out to the lounges at night for more relaxed socializing
    5) possible heading to a nightclub on Sat night for decided less relaxed socializing

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    Default Re: Las Vegas or bust!

    Vegas is all about indulging your every whim and fantasy. Best advice: wear the most outrageous stuff you feel comfortable in. Dress a little flashier. And throw some money around. I tried doing Vegas on the cheap once. What a stupid idea that was. It's all about spending money.

    So - go for stuff that's flashy and nightclubby. For nighttime, something pronounced and spicy. Don't know your wardrobe or budget, but something in the Serge Lutens oriental realm would work. Body Kouros maybe, at a lower spend level.

    Daytime: the usual rule would be fresh or citrus, and you'll do fine with something like Mugler. But it's Vegas, you know. Never known for being especially tasteful. So wear whatever you like. In a town where it's considered normal to be smash drunk at any time day or night, you won't shock anybody by wearing the wrong cologne.

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    Default Re: Las Vegas or bust!

    1/ L'air Du Desert Marocain by Andy Tauer
    2/ 1 million by Paco Rabanne ( i never tried it b4, just think the name would be suitable)
    3/ Millesime Imperial by Creed
    4/ Magnetism by Escada
    5/ Black Aoud by Montale or Musc Ravageur by Frederic Malle

    Sorry i went a bit over 2-4 lol
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    Default Re: Las Vegas or bust!

    I am also going to Vegas soon, and am also in a quandary about what scents to bring.

    Creed Virgin Island Water seems like a good pool scent. Something like maybe Jaipur might be good for socializing/indoor fun (but too sweet for outside during the day). For general use? I still haven't decided, but I'm leaning toward Cartier Declaration for some reason. I guess the dry woods and spice with a sexy undertone just seems like it would work. L'Air du Desert Marocain is also a great suggestion.

    On the other hand, it IS Vegas. 10 sprays of Kouros just might be appropriate. When else could you get away with it?
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    Default Re: Las Vegas or bust!

    I don't have any reccommendations for fragrance, I'll leave that up more knowlegdge members. I do suggest using your trip as an opportunity to check out some new fragrances. Vegas has some shops you can't find just anywhere(ie.Guerlain).

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    Default Re: Las Vegas or bust!

    Oh, man - the place is fragrance buyer's heaven. You MUST check out the boutiques. Guerlain is awesome. Tee, Chuck, and Jorganna are there to set you up and let you sniff all afternoon. Barney's is loaded with the niche. Hermès has all the Hermèssence frags. Chanel has Les Exclusifs. Personally, I skip the tables and hit the counters.

    One thing I find is that - except during the winter, Vegas is HOT. I find myself really wanting the cooler, lighter, summery frags. I tend to buy eau de colognes when I'm there. But you can wear the really opulent stuff, too. Vegas is one of the few places where I tend to smell better stuff on other people than on myself. Just walking through the airport is a trip.

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