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    Smile Dunhill Edition re-launch

    as picture is re-launch Dunhill Edition or not.

    "this product has been re-launched by dunhill with this new packaging and they are only supplying this product to a very selected retailers. Also the old dunhill was manufactured in Holland ( Nederlands) and al the current ones are munufactured in Germany" this Sentence is true or not please Knowledgeable people reply answer to me .

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    I think that is correct. I have seen it a couple of times. Must have reformulated it - the old version would never have survived IFRA regulations.
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    Default Re: Dunhill Edition re-launch

    I'm speaking about the new reformulation that just arrived today from the boutique. I'm at a loss for words here; in a bad way. It smells of Big Red cinnamon gum and cloves. I don't detect any nutmeg like I do in Elizabeth Arden's Intuition and the lemon is a faint supporting act. The quality is low and makes me think someone went to the grocery, poured lemon juice in a bottle, sprinkled clove cooking spice and soaked a piece on big red in it. It immediately induced a headache for me and made me feel ill. Needless to say, this doesn't happen often, but I had to box this stinker up and ship it back. I found nothing fresh nor appealing about it. I don't mean to offend the ones who love it.
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    It's a shame as the vintage was wonderful, the reformulation has really been watered down.

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    I've got a mini from a few years ago. If that is any way representative - a lemon sitting in an ashtray - I think the glory days are long over for this scent.

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    Default Re: Dunhill Edition re-launch

    Love the original Dunhill Edition. Not familiar with what has been relaunched.
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