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    Default men shaping eyebrows

    Do you know any men who shape their eye brows except celebrities of course. I know they do shape their eye brows. But will you ever prefer your eyebrows to be shaped.

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    Default Re: men shaping eyebrows

    Hm. Depends on what you mean by shaped...

    As far as eyebrows are concerned, there's nothing quite as depressing as overplucked ones. And that goes for both men and women. Eyebrows should be carefully plucked from obvious stray hairs over and above the brow, and a unibrow is not a good look for anyone... I guess my position is that gently shaped brows are OK. If you pluck them yourself it is a good idea to pluck conservatively and step away from the mirror often for a better overview; it's not that hard to cross over into tranny territory, which is fine if it's the look you're going for, but it doesn't look exactly natural. It's better to pluck too little than too much!

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    Default Re: men shaping eyebrows

    Maybe with the exception of the monobrow or the occasional rogue long hair they should be left alone , oddly I find mens eyebrows sometimes attractive

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    Default Re: men shaping eyebrows

    thanks for sharing your opinion

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    Default Re: men shaping eyebrows

    I think shaping can be a bit much, but I've reached the point where I have to look out for Andy Rooney strays and such.
    I'm not in imminent danger of a unibrow, but I'd probably trim that back if I had it.

    Shaping on men is just one step too far for me. Though, mine are pretty "normally" shaped so maybe I'd feel different if they were over the top unruly.

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    Default Re: men shaping eyebrows

    A tiny bit of trimming is OK. You don't want giant, bushy brows. Plucking - not recommended for guys.

    I read somewhere not too long ago that unibrow is no longer considered a horrible grooming faux pas. I agree with this. Natural is almost always better than obviously fake. You can spot over-shaped eyebrows on guys now and then, and they look terrible.

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    Default Re: men shaping eyebrows

    One of these days I'm just going to shave the buggers off.
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    Default Re: men shaping eyebrows

    I only pluck stray eyebrows, but my main concern is to avoid the "unibrow" at all cost, so that the space between my eyebrows always remains bare and smooth

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    Default Re: men shaping eyebrows

    I have to fight Brezhnev brows, so major grooming is a necessity. I had wicked unibrow as a teen, and the ladies gave me hell about it, so taking care of that is just part of my shaving routine. And no woman who cuts my hair can resist the urge to ask me if I want them trimmed down to normal. They're usually very relieved when I say it's OK. The worst part now is that they get bushier faster. I have to trim the outer ends, strays, and long ones along with unibrow. I never considered plucking - not sure why.
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    Default Re: men shaping eyebrows

    I hear it's pretty common among many Japanese and Korean young men. Apparently the androgynous look is popular in their pop culture... It's not for me though. My natural eyebrows look fine the way they are.

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    Default Re: men shaping eyebrows

    Only those really weird ones that grow really long when you are over 40.

    Used to be quite the plucker, they don't grow back to any where near the same thickness. Not sure what 'natural' would be for them.

    Ho - hum

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    Default Re: men shaping eyebrows

    Every one of my mexican friends does it, and we roast them mercilessly. But they stick to it. Some of the assyrians/persians do it but never as skinny and girly as the mexican dudes do.. I'm fortunate to have good eyebrows I guess.

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    Default Re: men shaping eyebrows

    Often. Above 40, like the post above, there are these stand alones that'll grow an inch and a half in a month. I trim rather than pluck and don't shape.

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