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    Default Has anyone tried Tiny Temptations? Also a candle question.

    They are these amazing gourmand candles, some smaller, some larger in size. I'm burning a white buttercream 18 oz one now, I bought @ TJ Maxx for 5.99. The smell is amazing, and it never loses its potency. They are literally to die for.

    On another note, can anybody suggest any good scented oil candles, similar to Tiny Temptations? (if you've ever tried them) I noticed the Glade Scented Oile Candles to be pretty good, but they're so damn small. I like to keep a candle burning for a few hours, I could burn through those Glade ones completely in about 12 hours.

    As much as I love candles, I hate shopping for them, because what may smell good, may not project in the room. It may say "infused with fragrance/essential oils" or whatever, but it may not actually project, ya know? I like sweet gourmand smells, or "foody". Also if possible, a fragrance infused candle with sandalwood? Or other types of wood. Something inexpensive, or easily found with good room projection. If you've smelled the tiny temptations, and understand the power that they have (sounds like something from a movie lol) you would be able to relate to me best. Thanks
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