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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugandaraja View Post
    Wow. Patou PH and unicorns. What more does an urban legend need?

    Actually, though, I really need to thank you for bringing this up, as it triggered off a memory of mine about an EXACT duplicate of Sonoma Scent Studio's Sienna Musk in the form of a cheap oil called Krishna Musk by Song of India. I've been trying to remember its name for months, and your post jarred me into a frenetic search of "[various prefixes] of India musk" until I found it again!

    Song of India also do that oil as a solid perfume

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    The great ones I feel I should know, but how??

    Vintage Fougere Royale
    Crepe de Chene
    Charles of the Ritz

    Though I have been lucky to experience some rare and legendary others.

    What about the "One That Got Away"?
    I traded a seventies vintage bottle of Parure for some newer Chant d'Aromes once. You could still get the bee-bottle kind back then. SIGH.
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    The one that drops panties in one sniff..............

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