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    Point Blank

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    I just sampled Floris Santal and I love the semi-sweet and smooth feeling combined with a clear note of peppercorn. I have come to realize that I'm a peppercorn fan - I also love Armani Bois d'Encens which to me is mostly pepper - however Bois d'Encens is too purist - I love the Floris Santal wrapping - not too austere but not too sweet.

    Only drawback is poor sillage and perhaps longeivity but this might be nose fatigue. Now I have a couple of questions to the incredibly knowledgable crowd here:

    - I have seen an "extreme" version of Floris Santal around on these forums but my impression is that this is discontinued? Has the formula for the regular version been changed or is it just the bottle?

    - Are there other fragrances that you would recommend that are smooth, semi-sweet and peppery?

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    The only fragrance I can immediately name that contains a note of peppercorn is Valentino's V for Men. Semi-sweet, floral, and spicy giving it a masculine finish. I recommend it as long as you don't hate jasmine.

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    Poivre 23 from Le Labo is an incredible pepper woody fragrance

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    I second your appreciation for the peppercorn note in Floris Santal. You might want to try Piper Nigrum for a very different take on this theme, but with amber instead of sandalwood. PN is also much more medicinal in the top notes and goes though many more changes.
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    Poivre Samarcande by Hermes has a huge pepper note. And you're right on trend with this. Many of the big launches for fall, including Marc Jacobs' Bang!, are built around peppercorn.

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    Does the note have any staying power in any of these fragrances? And if they do, how "real" is the note after an extened period of time? True peppercorn is extremely ephemeral, maybe even more so than citrus.
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    I'm a big fan of pepper prominent scents too. There are some good suggestions above. I will add Scent Two: Laurel by Monocle x Comme des Garcons and Piper Nigrum by Lorenzo Villoresi.

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    Point Blank

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    All of your suggestions are on my sample shortlist. I am particularly interested in trying Bang! when it comes out - looking at the notes it seems to be right up my alley - apart from giving pepper prominence it also contains vetiver, resins, benzoin and oak moss - can't find a flaw on paper. I have to confess that when I saw the grotesque ad I didn't even bother to look up the notes - it would be very ironic if I end up loving this scent...
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