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    Default Love Me, Hate Me, Just Don't Ignore Me.

    Why is it that fragrances always gets a bad rap when it is presented in society. It seems that when people hear the word "perfume" or "cologne" its conjures up images and thoughts of nauseation and headache? I remember watching Chandler Burr on ABC's Good Morning America, where he was a guest attempting to show Matt Lauer (and that other lady on the Good Morning America Show) that perfume was more than perfume, that perfume was an art form. Burr sprayed a few scents on test strips and gave them to Lauer and the other lady. As the two news anchors smelled the test strips, Burr tried to explain with PASSION each scent....and all the two news anchors could do was act like 10 year old kids laughing and not paying any attention to what Burr was attempting to convey. All they could say was :"This one smelled nice" or "That one smelled bad". It seem that they have a preconceived notion of what fragrance was: an alcohol and flowers concoction. Because of this, they did not give each fragrance any chance and just said it smelled good if it didn't give them a headache.
    But the main question that I'm trying to answer here is: where do people(laymen, Im not talking about those in the know here on Basenotes) get the notion of associating fragrance with displeasure and nauseation.I think its because laymen have only experienced fragrance that are not of the caliber such as a high end designer house or a niche house. They have smelled people wear Grey Flannel and Stetson, but have not smelled any YSL or Frederic Malle creations. This is the same thing wit architecture(Im an architecture student). You wonder why so many house in the US(and other countries as well) look alike i.e,sloped roof, a front porch, back porch, a white picketed fence, is because of the fact that people ignorant of the fact that there are other possibilities with architecture.A house does not always have to have 4 wall, a sloped roof, windows, and a fence. Yet, because people do not travel to see other possibilities, and are constantly being reinforced just as they walk down ones neighbor hood by other houses that look like their own, this is what they think is architecture. This is the same with fragrances. Many people just haven't experienced a high caliber work of a scent. Many who wear fragrances in their neighborhood is that smooth talking, whistling- when- a- lady -walks- by- type- of- guy that stand on the corner. One of two things happen because of this:1. when people think of fragrance they think of that guy on the corner, so they dont attribute fragrance with class 2. that guy on the corner PROBABLY is wear some cheap stuff that he got from the dollar store, so now people attribute fragrance with headache and nauseation. Come on, a $1 fragrance=get me some Tylenol!
    So to conclude,I think that laymen out there just have not experienced a quality fragrance. But i guess its up to us here on Basenotes (and the Youtube fragrance community) to provide that experience for them. Keep smelling good.

    **Alot of you guys are taking this post the wrong way. Maybe my title is off putting. Take this post with a grain of salt. Im not trying to diss anyone who wears the cheap stuff, Im trying to figure out why laymen have this misconstrued perception of fragrance(perfume and cologne)=nausea.My theory is that laymen are off put by the word fragrance because there are too many people who either don't own quality fragrance or don't know how to use it properly. And Im not saying a designer house or a niche house is better. If you dont know how to wear a Serge Luten or a Gucci (again, Im using these houses just as an example. Im not saying Luten or Gucci are the best. So calm down Point Blank ^^^Im using these from the top of my head as EXAMPLES), laymen can still perceive your Lutens or Gucci as nauseating. So I guess knowledge is the solution. LEARN habout the fragrance. LEARN how much to spray. And LEARN what scent is appropriate for what occasion. Take it easy guys.....and gals.
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    Point Blank

    Default Re: Love Me, Hate Me, Just Don't Ignore Me.

    I don't think you can dismiss mainstream fragrances as low quality. Also, there are a lot, if not more, of niche scents that are "extreme" and thus more likely to be disliked - the sin of the mall scents is rather the opposite - they tend to be too bland. Nor do I think that giving a fragrance ignoramus a sniff of a niche fragrance will suddenly open up his/her mind to the endless possibilities of the fragrance world.

    One reason I think people associate perfume with nausea and headache is because a lot of people overapply. I hate standing in a crammed subway car with some "assertive" character poisoning the air with heavy cologne. Of course you feel sick. If you want to promote cologne, I think you better off using it wisely instead of raving about some obscure house. Thus I disagree with the title of this thread - narcissism in a nutshell and a damn pain for everyone when manifested with an overdose of cologne.

    Also, some people are simply not interested in fragrances or architecture or whatever. Perhaps they are into cars or stamps or whatever instead. We all have different hobbies and interests.
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    Default Re: Love Me, Hate Me, Just Don't Ignore Me.

    I find this to be the other way around. Most fragrances get a good rep when marketed in America. It's us Basenoters and more picky fragrance collectors that dissect a fragrance so deep that we pick out its negatives and throw them on the table for everyone to see. Usher for example, a fragrance that isn't very liked on BN, has a ton of mainstream fame from magazines, commercials, ads, etc and of course your basic average Joe who loves the stuff. Same with others like Antidote, Red Style in Play, Beckham Instinct and others.

    I think the only reason people may associate designer fragrances with headaches or even nausea is because they think of Macy's or other department stores, having to walk in there and endure 50 fragrances at once, it's enough to make anyone gag.

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    Default Re: Love Me, Hate Me, Just Don't Ignore Me.

    Quote Originally Posted by a_delicious_crispy_smell View Post
    They have smelled people wear Grey Flannel and Stetson, but have not smelled any YSL or Frederic Malle creations.
    I think some people have smelled YSL and Malle's and still enjoy Grey Flannel and Stetson.

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    Default Re: Love Me, Hate Me, Just Don't Ignore Me.

    I think the reason why people (especially Americans) associate fragrance with nausea and sickness, is because of a rather insidious cycle that, IMO, was brought on in large part because of the 80s. There's only so many powerhouses being "splashed" on, that one's nose can take before needing a reprieve (cue CK Eternity etc.). Point is, 90% of the people that wear fragrance don't know how to, which often means innocent bystanders become dead bystanders. You wonder why there's a fear of smelling "bad", the whole clean era, wanting to smell fresh, not wanting to offend, etc. because those select few, that felt the need to abuse fragrance (and still do mind you) have ruined it for the rest of us. That association with fragrance, I hope, will eventually fade away, but I can't blame those that have it for having it.

    I started a thread a LONG time ago, about what fragrances you would use to convince those that were only aware of the bare basics, of the wonders of fragrance. It became heated because I called these people "uninitiated" (and some took offense to that), but the point of the thread was, that I don't think simply higher level stuff is the trick, because while WE can pick apart the quality, someone who is not familiar with it has no reference for judging the quality. Just as how, I couldn't tell you the different between a 10,000$ outfit and a 15$ outfit, the same can be applied to most everyone else in regards to fragrance.
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    Default Re: Love Me, Hate Me, Just Don't Ignore Me.

    I think when you achieve some level of understanding of a subject, whether its as a hobbyist or a professional, your viewpoint is going to differ considerably from the general public.

    I was seriously into opera for many years, and I can't pretend I wasn't a little irked whenever some fifth-rate singer did a rendition of Nessun Dorma and was lauded as some great talent because somehow singing operatically is some kind of miracle. Singing beautifully is a talent. Giving a wobbly, microphone-aided belting of Puccini? I'm fairly sure half the populace could do the same with a few months practice. It's not a miracle ( and neither are kids singing The Queen Of The Night aria, though that can sound a good deal more impressive if the child in question has had musical training ).

    All the subtle nuances are completely lost to the general public when it comes to opera. They want a few arias, prepacked, already-familiar, and delivered by a well-known name. In terms of actual ability, most college level voice majors specializing in opera could give a performance every bit as enjoyable for most people as a big name. Things like the impeccable intonation and dramatic characterization that make great opera singers are really things the general public doesn't care too much about.

    So in short, whatever the area, the connoisseurs know; the general public blows. But, most of us are the general public when it comes to everything but the few things we're really interested in.
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