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    Hi, Iím new at manipulating scents. Actually Iím a huge fan of perfumes and colognes, but due to my unusually high body temperature and the fact that I live in a really hot place, wearing even the smallest amount of scent can make people take a step or two back. Iíve tried the cotton ball and qtip trick, still can be overpowering for some scents.

    So actually Iíve been making linen and room sprays for my clothes for the last year or so. Clothing keeps the scent for pretty long and allows for steady whiffs of the perfume over the course of a few days, even if it lacks notes sometimes.

    Yesterday I bought a commercial cologne and much to my dismay people around me give me the wrinkled nose. Does anyone have an idea as to how I might convert, , a commercial cologne to a linen spray.

    BTW, Iím going to try diluting the stuff with Everclear. Iím crossing my fingers that the result will be good. But many of you are so experienced, Iím hoping someone will have an answer or a better answer.

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    I've had good results putting a little cologne on an ordinary cotton pocket handkerchief & carrying it in my shirt pocket. If I go into a crowded room or a flower show, I just move the handkerchief to my pants pocket.

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    Ed, good to see you back here!

    To the OP: dabbing instead of spraying may work, too. Think 0.1 ml *or less* for the total application. I find that sprays almost always deliver too much juice; cotton balls waste most of it and still deliver too much. With conservative application I can smell the scent perfectly, but others are not overpowered by it.
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    Hi, what do you use for your regular linen sprays? Basically a linen spray is a very highly diluted EdC, at about 1% of perfume concentrate. You could simply add the EdC to a spray can of 50% distilled water: 50% eau de cologne.

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    thanks for all your help. I tried out all the suggestions. Dabbing is now my choice. Truthfully, I brought my scent to a perfume shop and had them decant into a jar for me. It works much better. Thanks for all your help

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