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    Default Ann Arbor, MI???

    Moving there for school pretty soon, are there any good frag. stores in this little college town or have they all closed b/c no amount of good smell can make up for the stank of their football team?!? In all seriousness though? And, I apologize if this should be part of the Detroit thread, but it seems this isn't considered metro or a suburb. Thanks

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    Default Re: Ann Arbor, MI???

    Here are some options:
    At Briarwood Mall you'll find a Macy's, Von Maur, Sephora, and Perfumania
    Downtown you might want to check out a little woman's clothing store on Liberty Street across from Borders. It's called Allure Boutique, and if you ask about perfume, they'll take you into a back room where they have a great selection: Chanels, Guerlain, Dior, Kenzo, many more, and classics like Ma Griffe, L'Heure Bleue, etc. The owner used to have a separate shop called 4 Seasons Perfumes, but now the fumes are in Allure. Not affiliated. Pretty sure they have men's frags also.

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    Default Re: Ann Arbor, MI???

    Wow, great to know about Allure Boutique; I'll definitely check them out. I've worked in A2 for years and had no idea.

    For niche and other more unusual fragrances, you'll need to get out of A2 and head to various 'burbs of Detroit. They're not that far. I live in a 'burb and commute to A2, about 30 minutes.

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    Default Re: Ann Arbor, MI???

    Just for referance to all:
    Try Maison Edwards Tobaconist in the Nichols arcade off Liberty Street. They have a wide variety of Barber shop frags by Truefitt and Hill, Roger and Galet, Penhaglion, Caswell Massey, a couple L'Artisans, Pinaud-Clubman, 1 Floris, Trumper, Royalle, St John's
    Your nostrils, which will dilate immesurably in unspeakable contentment, in motionless ecstasy, will ask nothing better for space, for they will be full of fragrance, as if perfumes and incense; for they will be glutted with complete happiness, like angels who dwell in the peace and magnificence of pleasent heaven.
    (From Maldoror by Comte de Lautreamont)

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