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    Default Creed Himalaya - Similar to Canali Men?

    So today at bloomingdales i got a chance to smell a bunch of creeds for the first time.

    So first thing lol i think GIT is much greener then cool water. it has a grassy/leafy and saltier drier smell.
    Is it better? thats a matter of personal taste.

    Anyway i smelled Himalaya and i find it great. I was so close to buy a bottle today, but i bought too much stuff today (fathers day and a relatives birthday)

    After smelling Himalaya both on paper and on me i thought it really smelled like something else, and that something else is Canali Men.

    I think i can smell that the creed got better ingredients but as far scent, i thought they both had a very similar leather base.


    I was in a rush so i might have sprayed a different creed on me lol. im pretty sure it was Himalaya tho
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    Default Re: Creed Himalaya - Similar to Canali Men?

    Hmm.. Can`t detect eny leather in Himalaya.. But it`s damn good! A fresh woody oriental that smells very sexy, elegant, and modern. One of my favourit Creeds. Longevity is good. Sillage is medium.

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    Default Re: Creed Himalaya - Similar to Canali Men?

    Been wearing himalaya for a few years now and I always get attention when wearing it. Many people complain of longetivity issues with himalaya but I find it lasts over 8 hours on my skin. Could be worn all year round as well...

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    Default Re: Creed Himalaya - Similar to Canali Men?

    I've been testing this one all week and I love it. It's my first Creed sampling and it is a delight, it's so rich and pleasurable. I've never smelled anything this expensive so I don't have anything else to compare it to. There is something in the top notes that reminds me of something I already have but I can't put my finger on it. It isn't Canali Men though becuase I've never smelled that.

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