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    Default Scents that put you to sleep

    Allright y'all,

    Last week, faced with a slew of early morning meetings, I asked for your good advice on scents that help wake you up. How about the flipside of that--say you've had a long day, you're feeling restless, lots on the mind. Any scents in your collection that help you get to sleep?

    I've been putting on a little CK Euphoria right before hopping in bed the last few days--so far, it's been a pleasant complement to winding down the day.

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    Default Re: Scents that put you to sleep

    I have never applied a scent with the purpose of aiding in going to sleep, nor have I ever had a scent applied that made put me to sleep.

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    Default Re: Scents that put you to sleep

    The fact is that most of the scents I in my wardrobe just not own, but also tried, tend to keep me alert in a pleasant and stimulating way, thus no frags have ever put me to sleep so far

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    Default Re: Scents that put you to sleep

    Most fresh/modern/clean/aquatic fragrances put me to sleep - from boredom.
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    Default Re: Scents that put you to sleep

    One of the best sleep scents I have found it Le Parfum by Barbara Bui. Ambre, heliotrope, vanilla and incense.

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