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    Default Is the "destination" worth the "journey"?

    I wore Cartier Declaration for the first time fully today. I think the top notes are harsh and unpleasant, and I have mixed feelings on the middle as well. But I think the finish/base is wonderful.

    So I have a couple of questions. For those that have tried Declaration, are there any other frags that are similar to the base (without the top)? I've heard L'eau par Kenzo Eau Indigo is similar. Is that true? If so, which part is similar?

    And my second question has likely been asked here before. But do you have any frags that you really like the "destination" (base) of, but aren't sure its worth the "journey" (top and/or middle) of getting there?

    The other one that is like this for me is Live Jazz. I love the base of it too, but don't like the top at all.

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    Default Re: Is the "destination" worth the "journey"?

    There are several frags for which I love the basenotes but don't own the fragrance because I don't appreciate the top and middle.
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    Default Re: Is the "destination" worth the "journey"?

    Same here with The Dreamer. I was horrified with the top-notes at the first time, but once I experienced the dry-down of it, I learned to embrace the first 30 minutes as well. For me it's worth it.
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