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    Quote Originally Posted by StylinLA View Post
    To me, Southern California has two seasons: Summer and not Summer.

    I guess I prefer not Summer since most any scent can be worn. Our summer is pretty temperate, but some of the heavier scents I like don't work as well in heat.
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    Default Re: Favorite season?

    Autumn (fall).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DustB View Post
    October to May for me. I'd like to count that as a single season, but I know there are periods in it that go better with different scents. In a way I like the winter (the colder) best because all scents can fit then for me, or at least the widest range. Even great citruses. I turn to florals in the spring, and love learning them again. Also I like fall because I bring out the ambers. But as you say, enough of my rant. For me there are fragrance joys with each season, but the joys that are probably the greatest come with December through March.
    Agreed! October through May is perfection
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