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    Default Calling all diabetics!

    Apparently, diabetes changes the blood sugar so much that perfumes can smell very different on the skin if you are a diabetic. I mentioned this in another thread on body chemistry, but I was wondering if there are any diabetics out there who could give their input? I have a number of diabetic family members, and my own blood sugar level is quite high. What I've noticed mostly is that perfumes tend to smell very sweet on me. I love florals, but it's hard to find one that doesn't go overly sweet and cloying after an hour or so. Paris YSL is great for not going sweet - at least, it was, but now it seems to have been reformulated and is, if anything, rather insipid and a little sour on my skin.
    Nahema stays true on me, also Parfum Sacre and N'Aimez Que Moi. I also like Caron's Rose, but it doesn't hang around on me long enough to turn cloying!
    Any thoughts, diabetics (or their friends, family members, etc.)?

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    You probably will get more responses if you post at the female or male discussion boards.
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    Thanks, I will do that.

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