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    Default L'Origan de Coty - Lalique?

    A couple of weeks ago at a market I came across a LARGE bottle of vintage (1910/20s-ish) almost full L'Origan de Coty in a bottle that the seller insisted was Lalique. Aside from the fact they were asking a little more than I had on me at the time, I wasn't entirely sure if the bottle was in fact manufactured by Lalique.
    Needless to say, it has haunted me to this day for not having picked it up...! Can anyone shed any light on the Coty bottle seen on the link below? The one I held in my hands might have been 150ml, in a larger bottle, but with the same shape and stopper. I have not yet been able to find an exact photo of the one in question on the net.
    (And my flacon reference books are still packed in boxes).

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    Default Re: L'Origan de Coty - Lalique?

    Dimi , yes Lalique did produce a bottle for L'Origan but the versions I have seen in my reference books are different to the one you have posted . There appears to be several different versions of bottles so I guess there might be a good chance it is by Lalique , they are mostly signed so if it was unmarked I wouldnt have thought so .....

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    Default Re: L'Origan de Coty - Lalique?

    Thank you Pour_Monsieur. I am having trouble sourcing a decent image of the bottle in question.

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    Question Re: L'Origan de Coty - Lalique?

    I have just this week purchased a vintage M.I.B presentation by Coty, it is in the original box and the bottle was sealed and has matching numbers on base & stopper, unfortunately the only problem is a missing label and as I'm not familiar with Coty perfumes I would appreciate any feedback regarding my dilemma.
    The bottle is the classic flask made by Lalique for Coty with the briar/bramble sculpted round stopper, the quality of the glass is just superb.
    The case is sturdy cardboard consisting of reddish orange and vermilion spots, the actual juice reminds me of Caron's 'Bellodgia' with the deepest rose and a very spicy cinnamon carnation note, it is absolutely stunning 'WoW' in fact it's almost the same as 'Bellodgia' (on steroids), I thought maybe L'Origan, La Rose Jacqueminot or possibly Ouillet ? (French carnation)
    It is in parfum concentration and is the colour of deep golden amber.
    I've searched everywhere, not a lot of info to be found on these early Coty's ?
    Kind Regards to All.
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    Default Re: L'Origan de Coty - Lalique?

    Have a peek at Grants article on the Harrods exhibit on the BN homepage. There are pics there of all sorts of old cotys and their bottles there.

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    Default Re: L'Origan de Coty - Lalique?

    As mentioned before, yes, Lalique has done bottles for L'Origan..still, there are many times when one can be confused because L'Origan has seen many diffeent presentations and bottles (at least 20 different bottles and presentations) as well as different boxes, that it might differ from another bottle and the fact that one bottle is not lalique doesn't mean that a bottle that's labeled L'Origan is a fake, which makes it all the more difficult to date and to determine a value.

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