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    Default From short to long hair

    Hey fellas this is my first post hopefully you can help me.

    I've always had the same haircut, short, 0 on the sides/back and 4 on top, with a fade of course.

    But now I have decided to let it grow out, to about my collarbone. I want to layer it, and go for the same hairstyle that Raizo has in the Ninja Assassin movie.

    My question:

    How do I cut/maintain it until it gets long? Its normally my time for a haircut, meaning its about a 6 on top, and probably a 2 on the sides. My hair has odd hairs sticking out from all places because it is not even, and hair is starting to grow on the back of my neck.

    Should I cut it a certain way? Leave it the way it is? Trim it? I mean, how do I cut it and maintain/style it until I got it to the right length?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: From short to long hair

    I'd say skip any haircut for six weeks. Then go to a hairstylist and say you want to grow it out like you have in this post, but want it to look kept up and not raggedy while you're going longer. He/she'll have to cut it just to take care of the raggedy stuff and keep the fuzz off the back of your neck and all that.

    Follow that procedure.
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    Default Re: From short to long hair

    What Dust said, and bring with you a picture of your desired result. Don't rely on word descriptions with your hair stylists. They're visual people. You're still going to have to go in for slight trims - you want to be presentable during your transition phase.

    The times I've grown my hair out - by the time I got to the desired length I was already tired of it...
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