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    Default Jil Sander fans (or not) - Style Pastels?

    Today I was browsing through the Perfumania store in the mall, and came across the Jil Sander Style Pastels - Tender Green (green floral), Soft Yellow (citrusy oriental) and Blush Pink (floral). Because I had already sampled some other fragrances, I only smelled them on paper. I know, I know, I will test them on my skin first, but....I think they are meant to be softer scents. I think the bottles are cute, too (shallow girly-girl that I am).

    I did like the green and the yellow, but I can't find much info on these. or for you guys?
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    Default Re: Jil Sander fans (or not) - Style Pastels?

    Well, as many know I am the world's biggest fan of Jil Sander.

    However I am not a fan of these empty, short-lived scents.

    Do check out the original Style and Stylessence though. They are marvelous leathery Orientals with a very creamy character.

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    Default Re: Jil Sander fans (or not) - Style Pastels?

    Absolutely correct. Short-lived - no surprises - wouldn't recommend any of these "pastells". They were launched two years ago in Germany - and they are now on sale here everywhere (people did not greet them with much enthusiasm). I'd second Hillaire#s opinion - try Style or Stylessence. My personal favourite is Jil Sander III.

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