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    Default Amazone Light Eau de Fraicheur by Hermes

    I've been wearing Amazone Light non-stop for the past month; it's been nice to take a break from the sweet and fruity! My only issue is longevity - need to refresh about 4X/day.

    Does anyone know if the regular Amazone is the same scent, but more concentrated?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Amazone Light Eau de Fraicheur by Hermes

    On me, the regular Amazone (older formulation) does not last long either as it is also an eau de toilette. I usu. get about three hours worth of scent before it fades.

    I think the Eau Fraicheur is made of different "lighter" notes (perhaps more citrusy or floral) and not necessarily a "lighter" scent as such. I truly enjoy the original Amazone.
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    Default Re: Amazone Light Eau de Fraicheur by Hermes

    I found this scent first through the eau fraiche and was hoping the original Amazone would be stronger and longer-lasting.

    I bought a vintage Amazone on ebay and it smells a little different, and is slightly stronger, but as Primrose noted, it doesn't last much longer. I love it and will use my bottle up, but don't think I'll reinvest since it is so fleeting.

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    Default Re: Amazone Light Eau de Fraicheur by Hermes

    I have never detected any relation between these two, and I own them both. At least the vintage Eau Fraicheur.

    EF is a bitter, sweet quirky scent. And Amazone proper is a dry, almost masculine chypre. I like Amazone a lot, but I think Eau Fraicheur is a really hard scent to like, very unusual.

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