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    Question Oriens

    I have read the reviews of Oriens only to be more confused than had I not read them. I wonder if any of you have experienced this fragrance. There are currently no reviews in the Directory so, I would appreciate some help understanding this fragrance. I have not yet tested it. Is it, as they say, an oriental nouveau chypre or goumand or what?
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    I have it but I seldom write reviews because my nose is still rather unsophisticated. I'm learning. But... I have a 5ml unused sample that I will gladly pass along to you if you want it so that you can try it for yourself. If I were to review it, I would call it nice, but forgettable. But PM me if you want the sample and I'll await YOUR review. :-)

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    Here is a link to a review by Octavian
    Good luck
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    Haven't showered yet, so I'm going to go spritz from the sample I had set aside to give away.
    Top notes: Very sweet, fruity, inoffensive, pleasant, glimmer of personality.
    Will dally elsewhere and return to this post …
    Ten minutes later, it reads as a congenial if innocuous citrus-fruity-floral without specific fruit or flower identity. Sugary, but not really candy-like to me. I think of candy as having a certain artificial flavoring aspect. Any personality I glimpsed initially is gone. Better quality ingredients than a Bath & Body Works scent, but fits within that young, inexpensive niche. Actually, I'd say this would be a perfect gift for a non-Basenotes woman as it doesn't do anything wrong, but it probably wouldn't hold the interest of most readers here.

    The art director did a topnotch job with the photo of that bottle. If it looks half that nice in real life, I can see it being a successful seller.
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