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Thread: Chant d'Aromes

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    Exclamation Chant d'Aromes

    Here is a Guerlain fragrance from 1962, a chypre that is bright and yet I hear no praise for it here. Normally I like the heavier chypres like Mitsouko ( no surpise here ) but I find Chant d'Aromes very pleasant indeed. In fact I will have a rather large bottle arriving soon to support my hoarding of great Guerlain's, before they get screwed up, I mean reformulated. So, am I the voice in the wilderness regarding this fragrance? I keep thinking about how tenuous is the very existance of chypres based on IFRA actions. Anyway, what are your thoughts about this fragrance of the 60's? What were you doing in 1962?

    Notes are from the Fragrance Directory on Base Notes.

    Top Notes
    Hesperidic notes, Honeysuckle .

    Middle Notes
    Gardenia, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang .

    Base Notes
    Wood, Oakmoss, Vanilla.

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    Chant d'Aromes has actually been reformulated a few times over the years. Mike Perez is a big fan of it, perhaps he'll chime in.

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    Love it! Wear it mostly in summer (warm weather) because there's something about the way the aldehydes are supercharged in this one that feels 'cool' to me. In fact, I think Chant d'Aromes was the scent that got me to like aldehydic chypres.

    I used to always think that Mitsouko was the best peach scent I'd ever smelled but then CdA came along and gave it some competition. Now I love both of them, for different reasons.

    And yes, I agree with Kevin - it is clear to me that the CdA I own is the reformulated one. I believe Turin mentions it in his review in The Guide, no? Kevin and I smelled the vintage EdT once in a Guerlain boutique in Palm Beach and it was much 'darker' with a more evident vetiver dry down.

    I would love to smell the parfum.
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    It is Gorgeous! I got a mini at a local thrift shop and brought it home and my Mom fell in love with it . I think some BNers may be trying to stock up before they tout the glories of this classic.(I think Mom will be set for awhile .She's getting a big vintage bottle of CdA for her birthday!)
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    I've never tried it, but I've always meant to. There's no place to try these old beauties around here. I keep meaning to go to the Palm Beach Guerlain boutique when I'm in FL, but I still haven't gotten around to it. Hopefully next time I'm there. I know now that I definitely want Chamade.

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    I also find Chant d'Arômes very pretty. I think of it as some cute little sister to three years older Vetiver. It's very much based on Ma Griffe, but less aldehydic, less indolic, less feminine. Mike, are you saying you get a peach aroma from it? To my knowledge, there's no peach there, but a great mandarin top that goes quite well with the oakmoss. Chant d'Arômes is actually less damaged by reformulation than Mitsouko, I assume because the original EdT concentration of oakmoss was lower. For the same reason, Guerlain discontinued the Parfum. To me, the main flaw of the new edition is that the mandarin is less deep, round and long-lasting, maybe (partly) because it's supported by a lower amount of oakmoss. The new one seems drier, less "wet" and garden-like up top, more aldehydic. Funnily, it seems less dry than the old one below, probably the oakmoss again, plus the vetiver note is a bit sweeter and more aromatic like in the new Vetiver. I really like the new one (the way I like the new Vetiver)... That said, I don't wear it often. Its development is one of the house's less outstanding, I think...

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