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    Default Re: Fruits in Perfumes!

    Quote Originally Posted by Manuel View Post
    I just made a blind buy on Montale Roses Elixer, which has strawberry listed as one of the accords. Normally I avoid 'fruity' notes but I love rose frags and technically strawberries are related to roses, so the combo seemed genius in my head!
    I'm curious to see how they translate the fragrance of sweet, musky strawberries, and how it interplays with the rose notes...
    How exciting! I've had my eye on this since it came out (and I love the strawberry-rose color of the can, lol!) but what a brave blind buy! Please let us know how you like it!

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    Default Re: Fruits in Perfumes!

    Quote Originally Posted by castorpollux View Post
    which one do you like best? I really like the honeydew scent.!

    Honeydew is great! I haven't ever had any Cantaloupe scented anything...I like Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in Honey Do a lot!

    I also just discovered a lovely strawberry scent, Montale Mukhallat, thanks to Daisy on Scent Splits!
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    Default Re: Fruits in Perfumes!

    I don't like overly fruity scents, but here are a few scents that have a fruit note in it that I still like:

    Peach - Tresor (parfum is best, or body lotion), and Burberry original
    Cherry - Cartier Delices
    Raspberry - Hot Couture (just rediscovered this)
    Orange - Coco Mademoiselle EDP, and Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy (I smell cherry in this spicy scent too)
    Blueberry - Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy
    Berries - Poison

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    Default Re: Fruits in Perfumes!

    Favourite fruities of mine:

    Calyx - fruit salad left a bit too long in the sun
    Nina - toffee apples at the fair in autumn
    Gucci edp II - berries and cream
    Miss Dior Cherie - summer strawberries

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    Default Re: Fruits in Perfumes!

    Pomegranate in Gaultier Ma Dame EDT and in Boucheron Miss Boucheron.
    "The sunset is deeper and longer. The scent of the jasmine is stronger." Miracles. Pet Shop Boys

    "Thick dome of jasmine
    (Under the dense canopy where the white jasmine),
    Blends with the rose,
    (That blends with the rose),"
    "The Flower Duet," Lakme by Leo Delibes, 1881

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    Default Re: Fruits in Perfumes!

    Peach and plum! Rochas Femme, Feminité du Bois (I have been seriously considering basing desserts on these two - imagine a plum pie with cinnamon and a few drops of cedar oil, or a peach and plum compote with cumin!), Mitsouko, Habanita, Keiko Mecheri Peau de Peche.

    Orange probably works too, and fig, although I can't think of anything with those notes that I really love.
    Pear notes ruin anything and everything for me.

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    Default Re: Fruits in Perfumes!

    I just remembered another "melon" scent - Le Parfum de Therese.
    Smells like ripe melons ( Roudnitska.)
    A woman without perfume is like a flower without a scent.

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    Default Re: Fruits in Perfumes!

    I love peach (in Ozbek EDP) and plum (in Chopard Casmir)

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