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    Default Your takes on Sutra Ylang (Bois 1920)

    My nose had the pleasure to test all Bois 1920 offerings. Almost nothing out of ordinary, very pleasant fragrances, some of them are unique, while others are perfected fragrances such as Classic Extreme(Zino Davidoff), Sushi Imperiale(Opium Pour Homme EDP + a boozy feel).

    Sutra Ylang created by Enzo Galardi (the official Bois 1920 perfumer) is something I really enjoyed. From the citrusy top to the flowery middle to the beautiful and suave sandalwood base. It has a lovely vibe also shared by By Kilian - A Taste of Heaven, I just can't put my finger on it, which makes it stand out from most fragrances I've tried.

    It's a close to skin scent, it's quiet yet deep and intriguing, it's an invitation to a wonderful journey across the depths of your mind.

    I'm wondering what your takes on Sutra Ylang are and especially do you think it's bottle worthy ? (100ml - 180USD)
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    Default Re: Your takes on Sutra Ylang (Bois 1920)

    It's a hard one to pin down, Sutra. I've always received amber and bergamot impressions above anything else, but I also recognise its herbal and floral facets. The whole thing's a model of warmth and understatement.

    I'm trying to secure 10mL or so to road test it before I decide if its bottleworthy. I've got a feeling atomiser application will provide a better picture than dabbing with a vial.
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