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    Default Re: The Big Wardrobe Wish List

    Wow! How nice to see these terrific changes (and some terrific ideas above).

    Thanks, Grant.

    Edited to add a suggestion:

    An easy way to transfer from one list to another. For example, from Tried to Own (or vice versa).

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    Default Re: The Big Wardrobe Wish List

    Thank you very much for all the improvements, they are really appreciated!

    My biggest annoyance (and an often recurring one) is that not all scents are available in the directory. I would love it if we could either add fragrances ourselves or if there would be a thread where we could post the missing scents and you would add them to the directory. The latest example: I have received a sample set from Bois 1920. As I am going through my samples I am adding them to my "Tested" scents and rating them. However, many of the fragrances are not in the directory: Vento di Fiori, Notturno Fiorentino, Come La Luna, Kimono Rose.

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    Default Re: The Big Wardrobe Wish List

    Quote Originally Posted by actiasluna View Post
    +1 to this and a little giggle at #3 ...

    I haven't gone over the entire thread so it might have been mentioned... I'm presuming the "Market" column is for sales/swap items? If not, I'd like to see that added, if it is, expanded, so one could just tick "For Swap" and/or "For Sale" but that's because I'm lazy about updating my sales/swap posts.

    I like the ideas about adding to the details a vintage/new choice, or maybe a text box where you can specify just WHICH vintage.

    I also like the idea of adding to the stars rating stars for longevity and stars for sillage.

    Great job as the wardrobe is functional now, but will be wonderful when it's upgraded!
    I'm looking forward to seeing some of these new/renewed features. My personal wish list would be to be able to show/search for perfumes others are selling, and to be able to identify the packaging your fragrance has (i.e. related to vintage).

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    Default Re: The Big Wardrobe Wish List


    Is it possible to see in your Wardrobe which Fragrances you've posted a review for? I can't remember which ones I've reviewed, and it would be nice to be able to see this clearly in my Wardrobe.

    Many thanks! :-)
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    Default Re: The Big Wardrobe Wish List

    Liked this suggestion by Mimi Gardenia: BN'ers could help by adding missing fragrances, notes in the directory ? It would help keep the directory current, lighten your workload a bit and could be an added perk for BN Plus members...also like the idea of adding to the stars rating - stars for longevity and stars for sillage...
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    Default Re: The Big Wardrobe Wish List

    I keep wanting to distinguish between two categories of "own", which I think of as "got enough to use" (for me, a full bottle or sometimes a large decant) and "got at least a sample vial". I imagine them as two of the major tabs. ("My Collection" and "My Sample Stash", say.) I realize that the details of bottles, number of bottles, and so on would contain this information, but since that's Phase Two, I wanted to see if anyone else has this specific, simpler (I think) desire.

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    Default Re: The Big Wardrobe Wish List

    Hi! I'm new to Basenotes and would like to start by thanking everyone involved with this site for making it possible. I've already learned so much!

    Regarding suggestions for the Fragrance Wardrobe:

    While I think that longevity is a very important property to include, I think we might need something beyond a simple star rating system. If the star system is retained then when we consider two different types of product, say an eau de cologne vs. an eau de parfum, do we rate them relative to their type, or on an absolute time scale? After all, a cologne that lasts 4 hours might be considered to have good legs, while a parfum with that short of a lifespan would be quite disappointing. Just to avoid confusion I suggest that a time scale be included.

    Thanks for listening to a newbie, and thanks again for a great site!

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    Default Re: The Big Wardrobe Wish List

    Here's a brief post with a screenshot of how things look so far

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    Default Re: The Big Wardrobe Wish List

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulSC View Post
    Glad to hear that repair and refinement of the wardrobe feature is underway. Here are a few suggestions (some echoing ideas mentioned above).

    1. In my opinion, the best category names are:
    a. My Collection [the ones I currently own]
    b. Used to Own [the ones I previously owned but no longer have]
    c. Tested [the ones I've sniffed enough to form an opinion about, but have never owned]
    d. To Test [the ones I have never sniffed but plan to]
    e. Wish List [the ones I have never owned but want to]

    This is basically the set up, but with 'to test' and 'wish list' - you have the option to 'own' them as well (as its feasible to own a fragrance, and still desire another bottle / or have a fragrance, but want to re-test it at some point.

    2. It would be nice to be able to list a fragrance as usual in my wardrobe even if it is missing from the Directory. Or it would be nice to be able to add missing fragrances to the Directory. Crowdsourcing the task of adding new items to a database can work well; see for instance and
    Going to work on this

    3. A function that would randomly pick a fragrance from My Collection would keep me amused.

    Like it, going in

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    Default Re: The Big Wardrobe Wish List

    Looks gooood...I'll check it out more closely when I get the time...thanks, from one fragrance fan, 4 ur dedication...

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    Default Re: The Big Wardrobe Wish List

    I just found out about this -- how wonderful, Grant. Thank you!

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    Default Re: The Big Wardrobe Wish List

    Wow, wonderful features! I'm looking forward to this!

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