Hello, having worked through many of the Florascent line, I see about 20 which are not in the BN directory.
Also, may I suggest slightly reorganizing the directory?
Florascent groups its offerings into different categories.
AQUA AROMATICA and AQUA COLONIA are complete in the BN directory.

AQUA ORIENTALIS: Add Bahou. Also in this category are Casbah, Medina, and Tishka, as well as Ksar (apparently discontinued).

AQUA COMPOSITA: Add Unami, M. Balode, and Pipapo. Also Tango is in this category

AQUA FLORALIS: Add Jasmine and 1er Mai. Also Mimosa, Pivone, Rose, and Ylang are here.

LES PETITS FLEURS: Add Les Lilas, Chabana, Wisteria, Freesia, and Osmanthus