On the 14th of June I ordered $67.20 worth of Perfumes from Perfumes Milwaukee. Received an order confirmation in 3 minutes. After days had passed and no shipping info was sent I called the number given and was told,I should have ordered form GrandPerfumes as they were having problems with the site Milwaukee. I had no idea that the two sites were connected. I happened to speak to the owner who assured me he was going to correct what was wrong, also forego the shipping charges as two items were not in stock and I wold not qualify for the free shipping now. One week later I called and the operator said she saw this information and would have the ordered sent immediately, also they sent an email to me and I had not gotten it,okay. I called back 10 minutes ago after having received nothing in the mail. This time the operator advised me they sent another e-mail and further there were problems with my credit card. In the interim I have ordered scents from other reputable places and no problem with the same card that does not have a limit.
I will check to make sure no charges were entered on my card..However you need to know this is not a place to do business with, they may be another set of scam artists reincarnated with a different name.