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    Default Creed Millesime Imperial vs. Amouage Epic Man

    I'm ready for my next big name purchase. At the moment, I'm on the fence betweed MI or Epic Man, and which will carry me both through the summer and perhaps well through the fall. I realize these fragrances are very different, but I sense they both share a common vibe. I would love thoughts of someone who has worn and owned both.
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    Default Re: Creed Millesime Imperial vs. Amouage Epic Man

    I own Imperial Millesime, and I`m waiting for a bottle of Epic. I love both. They are two completely different scents. The Imperial Millesime doesn`t last long, and you have to go for 6-8 sprays to get some projection. Epic on the other hand, is very strong and potent stuff. If you should wear it to work, only 1 spray is enough. Beyond that, two sprays is enough and you can easily detect it on your skin the next day even after a shower! This is high quality stuff! M-I is great during spring/summer and warm weather. It has a classy aura, and suits every occations. Epic is best without the sun. I would say autumn/winter. You can use it in summer also, but very sparingly. If you buy a 100ml bottle of Epic, it will last forever. It`s hard to decide between these two fragrances, but I think I would go for Epic if I must pick only one. Much because of the great sillage and longevity. It took me some time to like it, but after a while it "clicked", and now i Love it! Definitively the most masculine scent in my collection. Important: -Try before you buy!

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