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    Default Defining good/bad sillage

    I've seen expressions such as "excellent sillage" in many reviews and opinions, and I don't understand what is considered good - does that mean little, or maybe brief sillage, or does it mean "leaves a trail you can follow in a bus"? I'd think that the value or horror of sillage is so situational that words like good or bad aren't very helpful, but maybe there's some general understanding of the perfect that I haven't stumbled upon. Could someone enlighten me, please?

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    Default Re: Defining good/bad sillage

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    I think generally excellent sillage refers to lots of sillage! Whether those around who smell it would find it excellent is another matter.

    Personally I prefer moderate sillage. I like to be able to smell my perfume without having to stick my nose into my shirt, and for others quite near me to smell it-- but not to fill the room with it.

    Poor/low sillage would then mean that the scent lies close to the skin. This tends to be true of many oil-based scents/ perfume solids.
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    Default Re: Defining good/bad sillage

    Personally, I always associate "bad sillage" with a fragrance which only projects as much, as a skin scent, and not more

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    Default Re: Defining good/bad sillage

    This is a great question. I've been confused by it too. I think many reviewers use the term to mean that more is better. Since "better" is dependent on one's goals, it can be a cunfusing use of the term.

    I prefer moderate sillage, so if it has more than that it is "bad sillage" by my standards. Some people just assume that everyone wants to maximize sillage, and that creates confusion with terminology.

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    Default Re: Defining good/bad sillage

    I thought sillage was 'how long' some perfume lasts, not 'radiation/radiance' , radiation measured in feet, sillage measured in time.
    Talking about a 'trail'? 'I can smell it from here' compared with 'I can still smell it'.
    Lemon has low sillage (20 mins ?)
    issey miyake l'eau d'issey pour homme has long sillage (1 day at least)
    Or is sillage and radiance the same thing?

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    Default Re: Defining good/bad sillage

    'sillage' refers to the trail of scent that someone wearing a fragrance leaves behind as he/she walks by. 'Good' or 'bad' really depends on individual goals/preferences. But it seems quite common for people to confuse 'sillage' and 'projection' which describes how far a scent extends from the point of application on the skin.

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